Did you know that Doulas have many roles, it all depends on your needs? 
This week has been like always a real mixed bag. I’ve had lots of fun painting with little hands giving a special girl some one on one time while her mum and baby bonded and had some rest.
I’ve made breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few families, prepped more food for the week, happy that I am keeping everyone fed and happy.
I had the pleasure of caring for a baba while mum got to soak her aching body in a much needed bath after she had a good sleep.
Providing a non judgemental listening ear is a huge part of being a Doula. Affording a mum time to off load, release her fears, emotions, worries and frustrations in a safe space is very important. Just letting her release all is vital and was very much a part of my week. 
Providing a much needed hug, a gentle touch of an arm, a kind word can make all the difference, I know this because you tell me so. 
I’m honoured to be invited into not only the homes but the lives of my clients. I feel blessed to be part of this journey that can look very difficult for many families at the start.
Thank you to all my clients, I know at the beginning it’s hard to believe a stranger can make a difference to your life. As you all know we’re not strangers for long and bonds of trust are built very quickly. Another wonderful week over, time for me to take a break and and rebuild my energy for the next one to come. Michelle 

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