With a wind warning issued for Storm Dennis we are all mindful of ourselves, our family and neighbors. We plan for the worst, charging our phones, locking gates, we tie down bins and get candles ready just in case the power goes out. We make sure we are safe and don’t leave anything to chance. After all, our lives are precious and we want to be safe. 

Funny how we don’t prepare the same for the storm that is parenting. That whirlwind that happens in the early weeks and months post birth. We often don’t even think about this period, with our focus on the birth, assuming this is the most important part. Yes of course being prepared for the birth is something we need to do, with a calm mind. But let’s not lessen the need to be ready for the change that comes after the birth. We need to think  about our own battery power and the last thing we need is a power outage. Like storm Dennis or any other storm we need to plan.

Planning to make sure we are safe. Safe in all aspects of our health, be it mental, physical or emotional. Why leave anything to chance, we wouldn’t go out in this storm unless we had to and if we had no choice we would take all precautions to be safe like we do in our home.

So let’s start to plan for big life changes like the arrival of a baby. The same as we do for a storm or other. Work together, ask for help, the right non judgemental support. Don’t think you need to do this alone. Would you expect a friend to be out in the storm alone? Let’s accept it is perfectly normal to ask for help and support and perfectly normal to accept it. Let’s encourage one another to plan and prepare for the post birth period and not say you need to battle on. Let’s stay safe during this storm together.   

Doula support = positive mental, physical and emotional well being. 

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