Planning and Troubleshooting 

Before you spend a lot of money on products, gadgets, machines, endless books, or other paraphernalia. Allow me to help put a good plan in place for your parenting journey and solve many of the early and later parenting issues you may encounter. For those of you already experiencing issues, together we can make changes.  

Let’s get your parenting journey off on the right foot and build from here. Book your 1.5-hour zoom or in-home session today. We will discuss any concerns you may have, which might include but are not limited to the following. 

Topics to discuss and plan

  • Putting a good plan in place for when the baby arrives  
  • How to support and prepare older children for a new arrival 
  • Recipes, tips, facts, etc for late pregnancy and the early weeks & months 
  • The continuous changes in babies as they develop and how to cope
  • Changes and challenges with toddlers /children under 5 years 
  • Working on a routine for older children – Between 1 & 5 years 
  • How will you as a partner prepare for a new baby 
  • How can you support your partner post birth 
  • Sharing duties and care of a newborn 
  • Surrogacy and adoption – How to support one another 
  • Or anything else that is important to you and your needs 

 Those Bigger Issues Like Sleep, Feeding, Tantrums

Let’s get to the bottom of what’s going on for you and your little one and get you back on track. That word regression you keep hearing about, usually just causes anxiety. Let me help you understand your baby’s developmental leep’s and why things may seem like they have gone astray. Or maybe you feel from day one there have been issues. 

Troubleshooting When it Comes to 

  • Formula feeding – Everything you need to make life easier
  • Breastfeeding – Understanding the basics- Peer to Peer support
  • Feeding solids – How to get started, what to offer, getting over the fear of choking, etc. 
  • Sleep – What is normal, and understanding your baby’s/child’s needs. 
  • Tantrums – This is on everyone’s radar after 12 months 
  • Siblings – preparing your older child for a new arrival 
  • Planning, organising the space, supports, triggers, etc.
  • Going back to work- Balance, planning, support,  
  • Childcare – What works for your family – Childminder, family, creche, au pair, in-home minder

As we navigate our way through parenting there are always little and big problems that arise. Sometimes we can solve these ourselves and on other occasions, we need to seek some professional help. Get in touch today, and lets work on these together.  

To Book your Consultation email

 One-on-one private online sessions via zoom or a phone call can be arranged. Fee – €60 per one hour session. Second or additional sessions, including other topics charged at €50 per 1 hr. Online, sessions can work hand in hand with in-home support and added to packages.

An in-home consultation is charged at €120 per 1.5-hour session, a travel fee may apply.





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