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Becoming a dad for the first time is very exciting. If it’s your second, third, etc baby the excitement is just the same but you may be a bit wiser. For all of you one thing is sure, the dynamics in your home are about to change. For the first timers, you may be thinking, we will be grand, it’s just a baby.

The transition into parenthood will challenge you. It requires you to care for your baby 24/7. Having the right supports in place will make this transition easier. This means anticipating your needs for the post birth journey. Putting in place these supports before the baby arrives will offer you and family a smoother postpartum.

 For those of you on round two, three or above, you have a fair idea how things work but might be thinking, are there any other tips or plans we can make to transition into our new family size? How will older siblings cope with a baby? Will I ever get time for myself? Will we ever do things as a couple again?

I know society often gives out the message that you are not bothered and feel like you are being dragged along to a class, forced to read books or sent numerous links around birth and babies. Lets change this, I know from speaking with you dad’s you want to be informed. You want the facts, you want to know how best to move into and through parenting and you want to support your family.

Planning For The Birth

Often through the pregnancy you may feel a little disconnected from information that is being discussed. You may feel that if you’re attending appointments with your partner that information is directed at your partner and not both. This may leave you feeling excluded. How can you change this?

Have an open conversation with your partner about how the pregnancy and your parenting journey as a couple looks. Be open and honest about what your expectations look like. This will empower you both and open up conversation.

You will feel more confident at appointments and encouraged to act and speak in a manner that invites professionals and the public to speak with you as a couple.


Father and baby

Adoption Or Surrogacy

The adoption or surrogacy journey is a challenging one for all. It is not a decision you have made lightly and there may have been years of discussions and planning to get to this point. While you will have support from the agency who is walking you through this journey, the end result is still the same. You are going to be a dad and you’re going to have a baby to care for. Very exciting.

Putting a plan in place for when your baby/child arrives and joins you in your home is important. You will have the same fears and trepidation as any other parent. In fact you may worry even more. Let me help you put a plan in place to make for a smooth journey into parenting.

Things you will need to think about and plan around

● Supporting Your Partner
● Planning For Post Birth
● Bonding With Baby
● Looking After Your Relationship
● Looking After Your Own Mental Health
● Outside Influences – Advice, Opinions,
Dr Google, Family etc.
● Going Back To Work

● Pregnancy & Birth After Miscarrage Or Infant Loss
● Parenting Choices & Values
● Feeding – Choices
● Sleep Or The Lack Of It
● Support
● Other Resources Available
● Food, Nutrition & Recipes
● Booking A Birth &/Or Post Birth Doula.

Tapping Into Support

  If To help you understand this road better and to plan for the birth, post birth and/or your parenting journey, you can now book one on one or couple support sessions over zoom. These can also take place in your home. You may also like to attend a Dads to be Masterclass on Zoom. Here you will feel informed and empowered on this parenting journey. We cover all that I have listed above in “Things you will need to think about and plan around “

Our new monthly Dad’s & Dads to be Zoom info sessions take place on the first Saturday of the month between 10 am and 11:00 am. Join other dads and dads to be, share if you wish, ask questions, and receive support and fact-based information.

email mamogs.mum@gmail.com to register and receive the zoom link.

To book your one-on-one support or couple support sessions see Consultations

To book into the Dads to be Masterclass see Training and Courses 

Class dates for the first quarter of 2024 – Book One

* If you are interested in joining an online class get in touch.      * If you would like me to deliver this class in person at your company get in touch.                                                                      *If you would like to attend an in-person class, get in touch.

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