Mamogs Training & Courses

  • Getting Parenting Off To The Right Start – newborn and beyond
  • Dads to be Masterclass 
  • Paediatric First Aid Training 

Getting Parenting Off To The Right Start – newborn and beyond

Putting a good plan in place before baby arrives will leave you feeling confident in your role as a parent. You may feel nervous about even holding a baby, changing its nappy, bathing or even feeding. Knowing you will be the person to care for baby 24/7 is huge. It can feel daunting, thinking of sleepless nights, dealing with exhaustion, finding time to cook and eat and everything else that comes with caring for yourself, your baby and the family unit. 

You may be aware of all the above as this is not your first baby, maybe you need help to plan around older children. I’m happy to help you put plans in place for all circumstances.   

Let me help you:

  • Make informed decisions on your parenting choices
  • Prep your home for the arrival of baby
  • Learn the basic care needs of baby and be confident in your role.
  • Be empowered in your transition to parenting/ sibling transition
  • Post birth plan – Other supports, resources, food etc.
  • Being aware of normal infant behavior
  • Your mental health
  • Relationships – Communication
  • Becoming parents
  • Going back to work
Mamogs Postpartum Doula

This is a 4.5 hour class with Q&A session at the end. The class will be delivered online, or in person in different locations. This class can also be booked for a private group, by Family Resource Centers, corporate companies etc.

Religious and cultural beliefs and traditions are always respected. 

You can arrange for your in-home or Zoom private class by emailing me, fees for these classes do vary.

  Fee; €150 online class per person/couple minimum 4 couples per class  

          €190 classroom setting per person/couple 

Private online class €220 per person/couple

You can also ask your company to arrange a group class on the premises or in an alternative setting.                                         email: for package fees.

Dads to Be Masterclass

So your going to be a dad? This can look exciting or frightening to you or maybe a bit of both. Are you feeling a little disconnected to this part of the journey, the waiting for baby to come part. Maybe when baby arrives you feel your role will kick in then.

There are so many ways that you can be involved and keep informed on what is happening through the pregnancy, in labour and on into the early weeks and months. Allow yourself to be a member of this growing family by being in the know.

Join our Dad’s to be class and feel empowered, informed and connected to your partner and baby. I can help you navigate this journey as an informed father. Let’s plan for a positive experience now and after the baby has arrived.

baby feet

 We will look at tips like:

  • Planning for the labour and birth – Being an active partner
  • Post-birth plan
  • Normal infant behavior
  • Your mental health
  • Relationships – Communication
  • Becoming a dad
  • Going back to work
  • Parenting choices.
  • Pregnancy & Birth after loss/miscarriage

Next Class: 

Saturday  : Saturday 29th April    

 Time : 10am – 12:30pm

 Fee: €60

email to book your place

or call 0879287635

Other options:

  • You can also book a one on one support session for yourself or for you and your partner
  • Ask your company to provide a support class in your workplace or over Zoom.
  • Bring other family or friends together to book a private class. 
  • Join the monthly Dads and dads to be meet on Zoom on the first Saturday of the month. 


Further Class Dates for Spring 2023  



Paediatric Home Safety and First Aid Class

Did you ever wonder how you would cope in an emergency situation be it with your baby/child or a family members, would you panic or would you know what to do?

Mamogs runs Paediatric home safety and first aid sessions perfect for parents. There are lots of hands on training, excellent hints and tips on keeping your family safe and opportunities to ask questions. These sessions are three hours long and cover.

  • Febrile convulsions        
  • Meningitis
  • Allergies             
  • Falls
  • Choking                  
  • CPR
  • Lots more for babies and children.

Paediatric training

* At the moment our Paediatric First Aid group classes are not taking place.

* If you wish to arrange a private class on home safety, CPR, choking etc. via Zoom or a private in-home session, please contact me at or call 0879287635 to arrange a date and time.

This is a 2 hour session.

Daytime, evening or weekend times available to book on Zoom or in-home – fees vary  

For more information email Michelle here at

 €55 per person/ couple per session via zoom – Minimum 4 couples