“I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Michelle as a post-birth Doula.

Michelle took the time to meet me ahead of the arrival of our baby to discuss my needs. This made our first day so much easier. As it happened, I ended up having a traumatic birth experience in Dublin but Michelle was kind enough to listen to me talk through what happened during the first few days and the difference this made to my well-being was evident to those around me.

Michelle guided me through the first few weeks, three days a week. Michelle gave me so many tips that really helped and I was a second time mom so her experience goes beyond what I had learned in my ante-natal class.  

Michelle is very informative in everything related to babies and older children.  Michelle showed me how to pace feed properly, gave me tips on burping my baby, took the time to show me different slings and showed me how to use the one I bought.                        
Michelle provided practical help at the house which allowed me to recover after my c-section which meant I could shower and eat every morning when Michelle arrived without having to worry about baby. Just having someone hold baby while I showered and ate was lovely!                                                                       
Michelle also ensured my blind dog was not forgotten and was kind enough to bring flowers from her garden to cheer me up aswell as other treats which I really did not expect. Michelle even offered to go to the pharmacy for me.                                                           
I found dealing with tantrums of jealousy from my older child difficult and Michelle offered advice for this too which worked a treat! 
Michelle is a very kind person and when my baby ended up in hospital after she had finished with me, she offered to bring me anything I needed while I was there which was lovely.                                                       
Michelle empowered me on my parenting journey and I am so much better equipped to be a second time mom to both my children as a result of the service provided by Michelle.                                             
My recovery after the c-section was so much better because of having Michelle than it was after my first born when I had no doula. This has allowed me to enjoy those first few weeks without any anxiety and her practical help gave my body a chance to recover.
Michelle is an angel in disguise and I’ll be forever grateful for the difference she has made by minding me and my baby during this very special time.                                                                                                                    Maire 2022 

“I met Michelle a week after I got out of the hospital.

I didn’t really know exactly what a postpartum doula was but the midwifes told me it would be helpful to hire one.

I had a complicated pregnancy and a very traumatic delivery. I came out of the hospital in really bad shape so I decided to contact Michelle and she came to my house a week after.

From the very first day she was extremely helpful, not only making my life easier around the house, giving me time to connect with my baby but also having someone to talk to that listens with a non judgmental ear.

My family live far away and I don’t know anyone apart from my husband, so I would always look forward to Michelle coming over. Every time she would make my day with her enthusiasm and smile.

I can tell you that Michelle made a difference in my life and without her I don’t think I would have been able to cope with everything that happened to me.

From something small like making me peanut balls (I was addicted to them :D) to someone to talk to when I was in bad shape, she was there all the way and I’ll be grateful to her forever.

If you need someone knowledgeable, very professional, kind, non judgmental, caring and empathetic, among many other things, who adapts to your needs without questioning your decisions you should definitely contact Michelle, I just can’t recommend her enough.”

Sara x

“When pregnant with my little girl, I knew I’d have little support post birth as my husband had very little time off. I was quite anxious about it. I contacted Michelle and was extremely happy with her services. When the time came she was a huge support to me and she made which could be a very anxious and overwhelming time, a really beautiful and memorable post partum few weeks. She was very discreet and was ready to help with whichever I needed her for. I would highly recommend her.” 

Clo – Sligo 
“We can not recommend Michelle enough.
Both my partner and I are foreigners, so we had to create our village. With Michelle’s help, my recovery was easy and stress free after a difficult labour. Being self employed I knew I needed help. My partner wasn’t convinced, it is not something he would be familiar with but it didn’t take long for him to realise the benefits. Seeing both mum and baby happy after a hard day of work was worth it. Michelle helped me to recover physically but more importantly mentally, she has the words to help you see the positive side and help you go through this difficult but precious time. Not only do you feel spoiled, but she leaves you with tricks to make your life easier. 
You will not regret it”


Jenny Hayes, Sligo
I had recently moved to Sligo with a new baby when I found Michelle. She was a life saver. She came to us a number of times and provided huge support, both practical and emotional. I was able to get sleep, to have a proper lunch and just get a handle on things. She was a kind ear also which made an enormous difference and always made me feel heard and supported. Because she is such a warm person and has such depth of experience and knowledge you immediately feel like you’ve known her for years and trust her judgement and advice. My baby daughter Amy was always happy to see her which made it much easier to go and have that sleep or shower as I knew Amy was happy and well looked after. Michelle also put me in touch with other mums who were, like me, feeling isolated and looking to make connections. This has had a lasting positive impact on me and my life here. She knows about every service and baby group in the Sligo area which is massively useful for any mum. 
I just can’t recommend her highly enough, she is a wonderful person offering such a tailored, personal service which for me was the difference between not coping and truly enjoying my baby. 
February 2020 

A very professional and yet very personal experience. This is the second time Michelle has helped us and both my husband and I agree that she has outdone herself this time. Absolutely recommend her help. We have 2 little ones and it was very overwhelming for me particularly as we don’t have family close by. The first day she walked in her first words to my husband were ‘How is mummy doing?’. I didn’t hear this and he only told me a few weeks later. She ‘met me at the point where I was’ (if that makes any sense). I felt she understood where I was and she was able to support me without judging me. She has supported and contributed positively to our parenting experience. We only have one problem – We want to keep her forever . It’s not often that one comes across a ‘professional and personal’ experience. I could go on and on writing ?. We’re both happy to provide references if anyone would like more details about our experience. Thanks Mamogs

Rosario & Peter Parents

April 2019 after our second time using Michelle’s Doula services  

We moved to the Sligo area with a 3 week old baby last year. My older son was not even two yet. With no family or friends in the area to call on, and with my husband starting a new job immediately when we moved, I was understandably nervous about how I’d cope. Before we moved I got in touch with Michelle. She was just the person I needed to talk to- so reassuring. I knew that if I needed help I could call on her. All the midwives asked what support I had lined up and they were so impressed when I told them about Mamogs. The service is unique. When we moved Michelle came over several afternoons to help me out. In the end my newborn was a very easy
baby so I did not need to call on Michelle as much as I thought I might, but knowing I could, and her being open to this meant so much to me. When Michelle came I knew she’d just get stuck in wherever necessary. She primarily minded the baby while I spent some precious time doing the simple things with my toddler that I missed so much
being so busy with the baby.
After what seemed like a few years but was only a few months myself and my husband got into a bit of a rhythm and felt up to going out. For our first few evenings out we left with full confidence in Michelle to mind our precious tiny baby (and of course precious toddler!), knowing she wouldn’t be daunted even if they both woke up. Michelle documented everything for us and showed us all her certificates and qualifications. She was so professional.
I would highly recommend Michelle to any new mum and dads for some much needed extra support.



Michelle came to my aid on many occasions during and after my second pregnancy. Beforehand she let me know about how she works and other supports out there. After, she was available by text or phone on the ward when i was struggling with feeding and later, during my daughter’s spells of hourly night time waking when i thought i was going to lose the plot with exhaustion. Michelle is an ocean of calm, sensitive, discrete support and help. There are very few people i would trust with my infant daughter but Michelle’s skill and love of babies won us both over and i happily waved them off on their walks while i took time to rest, eat, sleep, regain perspective and relax. When my husband as a treat wanted to get me a massage, i said no, I’ll have morning with Michelle instead please!! We are all truly grateful to her and have the comfort of knowing her expertise is just a text away! Heartfelt thanks Michelle, from all four of us.

Frank Aoife Paddy and Rosie!!

Parents & Baby

We chose Michelle to take care of our first son as she came across from the inset to have the children’s best interests at heart having a very friendly, caring and patient attitude. Michelle has proved herself to be all this and more in the four and a half years she has taken care of our three boys. She has built up a good relationship with us and I know our boys are very fond of her. She is reliable, flexible and approachable. We shall take pride that you have assisted us in the early upbringing of our boys, maintaining standards that have brought them to be the lovely little men they are fast becoming. We are eternally grateful.

Jarlath and Caroline<br />


Hi Michelle, It was lovely to see you today. You have been in my thoughts so here it is 3 years later if you want to use it.  ?

Having a doula is not a luxury it is a need.

You see, after giving birth every one tells you it will be grand, but the reality is hard, you are tired and in pain. You are happy to let the doctor help you in the hospital.  Well, getting Michelle is the same, get the professional help you need it goes a long way.

It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes you might need help from someone outside your family or friends circle. Michelle will not judge, she will listen, and care for you, your baby, and your family.

3 years ago Michelle came to my house after I gave birth to my 2nd child. My partner had to work and I had no family around so I was on my own with my children. I was really afraid of not being able to manage. My partner wasn’t sure about getting a Doula, but this is the best thing you can get, better than the latest magic cream or product. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and tips that I still use 3 years later.

I had a traumatic birth and Michelle helped me recover much faster, and empowered me. To this day, I will always have a fond memory of this time and I am so grateful to have met Michelle. 

You will not regret having Michelle as your Doula.

Clotilde 2023 

Michelle and I have laughed about how hard it is to explain what a doula does since it’s so different for every family.

For me personally having the house in order helps me feel more peaceful. Michelle helped me find systems & organise in a way that made life run smoother. For my husband heading back to college when baby girl was just 2 weeks old meant peace of mind knowing someone was looking out for us!

But the true doula magic that Michelle weaved was giving us the confidence to trust our instincts as first-time parents. Our last day with Michelle felt like a graduation! She had equipped us with the confidence that we could do it! I couldn’t recommend Michelle more to any parents-to-be themselves or to friends wondering what to get expecting parents!”


Finn –  December 2022

 “I strongly recommend Michelle if you need some help or advice with your newborn or young child. 

If you are tired of hearing from family and friends   ‘oh my baby sleeps all night ‘…. well mine didn’t. 

My husband and I were at breaking point getting no sleep and beyond exhausted. My newborn was waking up and not going back to sleep for hours and so very fussy all the time, day and night.

My sister told me about Michelle and that she knew people who availed of her expertise and had helped them.

It was the best thing we ever did.

Within 3 days my 6-week-old was sleeping a number of hours continuously, we were amazed. Michelle helped me to understand that most babies need help to sleep, to feel secure and safe. 

We were also having a few issues with our older son too and Michelle gave us some great advice to solve them.

Do not struggle parents, with Michelle’s advice you will overcome any issues you may have (not just sleep, or understanding babies), and don’t be afraid to reach out as there’s no manual you get when you leave the hospital and every baby is different”.

Patricia – Sligo 

 Patricia availed of two in-home consultations. Each one-hour session was focused on the problems she had described and wanted help with. Patricia answered the questions I asked and we talked through her concerns and looked at the big picture to solve these issues. Understanding what normal infant behaviour looks like and how to help your baby feel safe and secure makes a big difference as it did here for Patricia. I do not do any sleep training and follow responsive parenting to assist a family unit for babies and children. Michelle -Doula   

“After 6 weeks at home with our newborn twins and our almost 2 yr old, I was hospitalised with mastitis. I spent 4-5 days in hospital and knew I needed help when I’d be discharged back to the chaos! I was feeling guilty for not being available for my toddler, and exhausted from cluster feeding twins. Not to mention the lack of sleep. We contacted Michelle from the hospital and she arrived the day after I got home.

Such a game changer!

She was a really positive addition. Michelle would stay with the babies while I snuck off for a nap/shower. She fed me, tidied up, held a crying baby, and played with our toddler. As well as being great company. Leaving me free to recover and to feed my babbas. Always landing to the door with a huge warm smile, not caring that the place was messy beyond belief. Michelle would cheerfully sweep in, cheer everyone up, feed us, get the place into shape and leave us feeling like life was a whole pile easier! And she would always have a word of wisdom to impart (and occasionally yummy biscuit cake!) 

I would wholeheartedly recommend hiring Michelle. She has such a gentle, fun loving personality and blended right in without feeling like there was a stranger landing into our lives. She helped us all get back on our feet and adapt to our new lives, and gave us the chance to enjoy our new babies”


I found out I was expecting my first baby early 2018, with  baby expected to arrive at the end of September, later that year.  My husband Andrew and I were both thrilled and I had a very easy pregnancy. During the summer of 2018, I attended a hypno-birthing class, where someone passed on Michelle’s details to me. During the class many people had voiced their concerns and anxieties about impending labour. My thoughts however were not on the labour itself, but more so on how our lives were going to quickly change after the baby was born. 

I met with Michelle that summer to discuss how her doula services might benefit Andrew and I. Michelle was so warm and reassuring. While our lives would change once the baby was born, she assured us that we could put some things in place to assure that the transition to parenthood was as easy as possible. Together, we established a plan whereby Michelle would call to the house 2 times a week to help support me in my new role as a mother. 

On the 26th of September, my beautiful baby daughter Anna was born. Having Michelle around for help and advice during those first few weeks was amazing. Michelle was there to support me on my journey of motherhood, while helping to prepare delicious healthy meals and help with light household tasks such as laundry. She also helped mind Anna for an hour or two while I got much needed rest or got some fresh air. 

While I only breastfed my daughter for over a month, she was very supportive in every way. In the end, when I decided that I no longer wanted to continue with the feeding, Michelle was equally supportive and encouraging. 

5 months later, I have a beautiful bouncing, sociable baby. But those first few weeks were hard and having Michelle around was a lifesaver. Knowing that I had extra support during the day was very important to my husband Andrew.

I can’t thank Michelle enough and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone” 

Sinead, mum of Anna 

“As a Farther, my utmost thoughts is the wellbeing and care for my wife and children. Availing of the services from Michelle (Mamogs & West Coast Doulas), I felt that every aspect to providing care and well being to my wife and our new addition to our family were taken care of to the highest standards. That is something that I feel cannot always be achieved despite all the best of intentions from family and friends. Though with Michelle, this was achieved and some. My wife gained some real mental respite and our baby was in caring and attentive hands. 

If you feel you just need a little bit of support or your needs are greater, please consider Michelle (Mamogs) as I cannot recommend her highly enough. My wife has enjoyed availing of the services and that has passed on a great sense of comfort to myself”.

Jamie  January 2019 Parent

Michelle is one of the kindest people I know! The only regret I have is that I didn’t contact her sooner! One of my husband’s workmates told him about Mamogs just before we had our daughter, and he picked up a Mamogs flier from the office (I think ). I pinned it on our small notice board and didn’t look at it again until we came back from a peadiatric first aid class. After meeting Michelle there, I knew she would be the best choice to look after our little one. I couldn’t have been more correct . The second day she came over to mind our daughter, my heart melted when my little one was visibly delighted to see her and put out her hands for Michelle… I could go on and on writing, but ultimately what I’m trying to say is that if I had to do it again, I would contact Michelle much earlier than I had

Rosaria Kunda Marron


Mamogs is a fabulous service that allowed me the peace of mind to have ‘my time’ as a new mom. Michelle is extremely professional , the care she provides my little girl is fantastic and her experience and attention ensure my baby’s continuous changing needs are always met. I can’t recommend Mamogs enough, I never have to worry when my little girl is in Michelle’s care. Thanks Michelle.

Hannah's Mum


5 stars are not enough for Michelle! A wee gem and a comfort to have in your home minding your precious baby! And a great singer! The gift of time is priceless to new moms and dads. The knowledge that the carer of baby is highly qualified , a first aider, Garda vetted and a lovely person is very easing on the soul when you need a little me time. Happy mommy = happy baby and vice versa. Best of luck Michelle you impressed me and I would recommend you anytime.



Mamogs = ME. I have been Mamoged and feel me again



Michelle is a natural with children. Her warm, kind and caring personality meant that my son loved her and really enjoyed being with her. Michelle went to great effort over and above what I expected to ensure my son was happy and content in her care and was always very conscious of respecting how we liked to do things as parents. I always felt happy knowing that my child was in very capable hands. I would really recommend Michelle to anyone needing a reliable, capable and professional childminder

Nicola Scott