Supporting me on my journey

I found out I was expecting my first baby early 2018, with  baby expected to arrive at the end of September, later that year.  My husband Andrew and I were both thrilled and I had a very easy pregnancy. During the summer of 2018, I attended a hypno-birthing class, where someone passed on Michelle’s details to me. During the class many people had voiced their concerns and anxieties about impending labour. My thoughts however were not on the labour itself, but more so on how our lives were going to quickly change after the baby was born. 

I met with Michelle that summer to discuss how her doula services might benefit Andrew and I. Michelle was so warm and reassuring. While our lives would change once the baby was born, she assured us that we could put some things in place to assure that the transition to parenthood was as easy as possible. Together, we established a plan whereby Michelle would call to the house 2 times a week to help support me in my new role as a mother. 

On the 26th of September, my beautiful baby daughter Anna was born. Having Michelle around for help and advice during those first few weeks was amazing. Michelle was there to support me on my journey of motherhood, while helping to prepare delicious healthy meals and help with light household tasks such as laundry. She also helped mind Anna for an hour or two while I got much needed rest or got some fresh air. 

While I only breastfed my daughter for over a month, she was very supportive in every way. In the end, when I decided that I no longer wanted to continue with the feeding, Michelle was equally supportive and encouraging. 

5 months later, I have a beautiful bouncing, sociable baby. But those first few weeks were hard and having Michelle around was a life saver. Knowing that I had extra support during the day was very important to my husband Andrew.

I can’t thank Michelle enough and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone 

Sinead, mum of Anna 

March 2019 


Great sense of comfort

“As a Farther, my utmost thoughts is the wellbeing and care for my wife and children. Availing of the services from Michelle (Mamogs & West Coast Doulas), I felt that every aspect to providing care and well being to my wife and our new addition to our family were taken care of to the highest standards. That is something that I feel cannot always be achieved despite all the best of intentions from family and friends. Though with Michelle, this was achieved and some. My wife gained some real mental respite and our baby was in caring and attentive hands. 

If you feel you just need a little bit of support or your needs are greater, please consider Michelle (Mamogs) as I cannot recommend her highly enough. My wife has enjoyed availing of the services and that has passed on a great sense of comfort to myself”.

Jamie  January 2019