Mamogs Gift Voucher

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When a family member or friend is pregnant we start thinking about gifts for when the new baby is born. You may think of also buying something for the mother and possibly you think about a voucher for a treatment or possibly a dinner voucher.

Did you ever think that if the mum wishes to use this voucher she will need a childminder/babysitter for her baby and she needs to feel confident about who she leaves her precious bundle with?

The perfect gift

Giving a mother the Gift of time is one of the best gifts you could give, she can choose how she spends that time be it resting and recuperating in her home, spending time with her partner or other children in the family, or maybe going to a weekly class like yoga or swimming. All of this will promote wellness and positivity and allow her to feel herself again. Taking time out is a necessity and not something we should feel guilty about.

Mamogs Gift Voucher

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