Trying to stay in routine can prove difficult at this uncertain time but it is important. It could be very easy to let things slide and loose ourselves.

Can we agree to one thing to keep us on track to start with?

Getting up at a regular time each day and eating a healthy breakfast. It could be a bowl of porridge with nice fruits, overnight oats, filled with fruit and nuts or peanut butter and banana on toast just a few ideas.  Soaking your oats the night before means they cook quicker in the morning if you are tied for time with baby. You can also make 4 or 5 days of overnight oats in advance meaning they are ready to eat any time. Sleep and good food are more important now than ever as they protect our immune system.  

If you are up with baby during the night do try and get rest during the day if at all possible. Reduce social media time if it is causing stress and maybe see if you can set time aside to make nice snack. These will be handy when your peckish during the day or at night feeds. 

Stay well, eat well, rest well. If you need any further supports reach out and ask. The Doula and other communities are here to support you. Doula Association Of Ireland Doulas are offering 30 minuet support sessions via phone or video call for free. Book your session with a birth or post birth Doula including myself by going to  
Michelle 💜

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