Long before I became a Doula, while I was child minding. One of my parents was expecting baby no 2. Her husband was from the middle east and she told me, that as soon as she could fly after giving birth she was going to Oman. There she would be pampered, cared for, washed, fed and allowed to bond with baby and establish breastfeeding by his family. This was very normal in their country. I thought wow that’s what all Mum’s need.

This was before I had any idea or had even heard about Doulas, approximately 15 years ago, before I became a Doula. Yet I’m still meeting parents who have or had no plan in place for support as they feel it’s being extravagant. Let’s take a look at this. Your body develops and grows a baby for about 40 weeks. Then you give birth, this is exhausting in itself (if you have a c section, that’s major Surgery). Then you start your parenting journey (or continue with older kids). This is only the beginning.

You need to rest, eat, sleep, be heard, be supported in your parenting choices, take time to bond with baby, give older children time etc. You need to grow as a family, know that each parent has their own challenges as maybe a partner also goes back to work.

Yet how do you do any of those alone?

Why would you?

Build your village, plan your support, put a budget in place as you would for a wedding, holiday, new kitchen. This is your well being that you are looking after. This support will set you up for life, giving you beautiful memories of those first weeks and months with baby. Leaving you as a family, happy and content.

Have a positive story to tell your children not the one where you say ” Oh I’ll never forget those first few weeks I thought I’d throw you out the window”. Let me help you have a positive parenting journey.

If you would like to know more about how I as a Doula can support you, pop an email over to me. ❤️


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