I often hear parents say “I wish I had you when I had my baby” or “I pushed through, I felt I had to”.

Why is it so hard for us to accept that sometimes we need help? Why do we feel we need to justify spending money on support or help that will make a huge difference to our wellbeing and our families? Why do we push through, when support is there?

I believe Nanny McPhee’s quote can be true at times for a Doula. Sometimes parents say to me at the beginning. We don’t really need help maybe a few days to get us settled. It can be the fear of the unknown or thinking, what will people think if they know we have brought in support?

As the days and usually weeks go on, words like “were getting the hang of this“ or “I’m feeling so much better about my parenting role“ or “I’m not sure we could have done this without you, we feel rested and empowered now“ are what I hear. 

This is when I know it’s time to go, my work is done. My clients are now in a great place, we have built a village of support around them and they know where to access information and any other help if needed. We have also built a bond, a trust between us and often they may want me to stay. We all know it’s time though, their journey is just beginning and the future’s looking bright.

I love getting up dates, photos and the occasional question on a milestone, teething, how to improve tummy time etc. This bond lasts and is special to us all. I am honored to support families and to be invited into their homes at such a vulnerable time. To my clients, thank you. To those who think you shouldn’t need to ask for help or it’s a waste of money, talk to my clients or see the testimonials here on my website, they speak true words.

Take care all, Michelle

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