Parents and families amaze me all the time, I am often left in awe of what I see. This morning was one of those times.

Sitting having breakfast at our hotel (we took a few days off) there is a family beside us. This is what most people would class as, a busy house. There are 4 children ranging in ages from about 4 years down to 3 weeks old. They are happily eating their breakfast, kids excited about all the choices they have. Mum and dad are trying to eat in between answering to requests for more water, yogurt, some fruit. It’s busy, I can see that.

Then we hear the whimper of the 3 week old and as dad tends to baby mum gets ready to feed. My other half laughs at me asking if I want to go and help. It’s the Doula in me always wanting to help and watching in awe. Of course I don’t lol, this family are doing amazing.

Mum continues to get little bits of food as she snuggles baby into her breast to feed. This is a joy to see. I can’t imagine taking a “break” away in a hotel with 4 little people, they are a brave couple and I commend them. Mum and dad are calm, relaxed and taking all in their stride.

As mum passes me with baby and toddler in tow, I commend her for having the courage to do this trip, she laughs and says “I wasn’t sure at 3 am”. We laugh together and talk about how easy (OK, easier) it is to get away with a small baby when breastfeeding, no paraphernalia to think about. She’s delighted to be encouraged and I wished her and the family well on their break, she’s smiled as she returned to her seat.

Parents you are doing amazing, be proud of what you achieve each day, I don’t care how small that looks to you, know you got this.

Michelle ❤️

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