Yesterday I got caught up in the mad traffic tailbacks and the craziness of the Mayo V Dublin match. I was on the N4 and like many when I got to Ballinalack I stopped off at the Texaco garage for a break. Anyone that does that route knows it well it’s where you meet your neighbors regardless where your from. Its where everyone, stocks up on snacks and drinks, maybe have a spot of breakfast or lunch and of course have a toilet break.

The place was packed, lots of Mayo jerseys, excited kids and parents happy out, talking and laughing as they spent a special family day together.

In the middle of all this chaos was a Momma sitting quietly feeding her baby. He was sucking away contentedly, he didn’t seem to care how loud the place was. He wasn’t distracted by the hustle and bustle of all the people. He didn’t care that it was teaming rain outside and he didn’t care who won the match. All he knew was, I’m hungry and my Momma is meeting his needs. As I passed her by, I made a gentle comment “Momma your doing amazing“, she looked down at her baby and a big smile filled every inch of her face. Joy, love, contentment.

 So next time you pass a Momma feeding her Baba especially if it’s out in public, give her a reassuring smile and know its ok to say, your doing amazing. 


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