As a Doula and early years Educator it is my role to support you and your family from pregnancy on into those early years of parenting . Through years of training and experience knowing how to support you is most important. Following your lead, empowering you to be informed and supporting your parenting choices is how I make a difference, a positive impact to you and your family on this road.

While on this journey you may find yourself being offered advice and information. How do you decipher what is fact based or what works for you and your family. You may find yourself asking yourself questions or having conversations with your partner like. Can my baby hear me from inside the womb? How do I do up a birth plan that suits my needs? Is breastfeeding the best option for me? Is it normal for my baby to want to be carried all the time? How and when do we start weaning? What about toilet training, night sleeping, tantrums?



So much to know and how do you know you’re doing it the right way? How do you learn to trust your choices?

Having fact based information and receiving it in a non judgemental manner will see you grow in confidence and build on your parenting. I can access information you may be struggling to find. There is so much out there on the world wide web and across social media. I continue to build on my resources list of researched information, factual and reliable websites and a list of other professional supports available to you. This information is there for you to access.

You can still build a connection with your Doula virtually. With the option of Zoom, Whats app video calls or a regular call your Doula is just a click away. If you live in an area that is outside your Doulas travel zone you can still access support. You are never alone, non judgemental support, compassion and understanding is here for you.

Who might avail of a Consultation ?

  • There are a number of reasons why you may request a one-on-one support session.
  • Distance may be an issue – No Doula in your area/ you live outside my catchment area
  • You may not like the idea of having someone in your home
  • You already have practical home support – You need informative and emotional support
  • You need to off-load, be heard and supported in your parenting choices
  • You have questions or a particular issue that’s causing stress with a baby/child
  • You may wish to have tandem support – in-home and virtual

 What does a Consultation entail ?

  • This can be a regular call or Zoom – A Zoom allows for face-to-face and demos
  • Space to be heard in a non judgemental support setting
  • Support with your parenting choices
  • Access to fact based information, saving you time searching the net.
  • Learn of other resources available to you, again saving time and energy searching.
  • Support and tips on planning for a positive postpartum journey- Fourth trimester.
  • Top tips to help you on your parenting journey in the early years

What are the possible topics discussed during a Consultation ?

  • Putting a good plan in place for the fourth trimester 
  • How to support and prepare older children for a new arrival 
  • Recipes, tips, facts etc for late pregnancy and the early weeks & months 
  • The continuous changes in babies as they develop and how to cope
  • Changes and challenges with toddlers /children under 5 years 
  • Working on a routine for older children – Between 1 & 5 years 
  • How will you as a partner prepare for a new baby 
  • How you as a partner can support your partner post birth 
  • Sharing duties and care of a newborn 
  • Surrogacy and adoption – How to support one another 
  • Or anything else that is important to you and your needs 
virtual support image of michelle at computer

How does it work? 

  • You book the day and time that suits you, simple as that – email 
  • You choose a call, Zoom or Whats app. 
  • If you wish, add a little information to help me prepare a resource list for you. 
  • Pre pay – bank transfer or Revolut
  • I set up the Zoom link or do the call – No extra cost for you. 
  • One hour session – Book one off or as a package 

Book your Consultation here or email

One-on-one private online sessions via zoom, a phone call can be done either. Fee – €50 per one hour session with follow-up email two weeks later. Online, sessions can work hand in hand with in-home support and added to packages.