Mamogs Childcare

Early Years Educator & Carer

Providing complete care, education and support giving you peace of mind to take a little time out just for you.

A Little Time

In the later months after baby is born and things start to settle down a little, mum often finds that she still has little or no time to attend to her needs. The thought of taking a long bath, having lunch with a partner, going to the salon, having a walk on the beach or even a good long sleep seems impossible and you wonder will you ever get to do these things again. I help you meet those needs, putting you in a better position to come back into the world rested and feeling like yourself again.

Mamogs offers you the time to feel refreshed, revitalised and supported. Time to rebuild your energies for the body, soul and mind. Time to feel relaxed and calm. In order to be the best you can for you and your family you need to take care of yourself, by taking time out to rest and recuperate. As a Childcare Practitioner and a postpartum Doula allow me to give you the peace of mind to take some much needed and deserved time out.
Mamogs Loving Hands : a service that surpasses that of a traditional babysitter.

time Machine

I will

  • Support you in your home with your parenting choices
  • Care for older siblings giving you an opportunity to spend time with Baby
  • Care for your baby giving you a little me time or time with siblings.
  • Give you an opportunity to have a relaxed date with your partner.
  • Provide informative, evidence based information on play & education.
  • Provide you with a detailed written report of all care time.

Packages can start from as little as one three hour session to a number of weeks care
Have a package designed around your needs today.


  • Book an informal meet up to learn what supports a Postpartum Doula or Early years Educator & Carer can provide for you. There is no obligation to book the services.
  • Book an informative session with Michelle to prepare you, your partner and extended family for life with a newborn. Be empowered in your role as parents, help older siblings transition, get informative information on prepping your home and how to care for baby in a practical way.
  • Book an informative session to discuss how to put practical plans and supports in place for before and after baby arrives. This will leave you feeling content and empowered knowing you will be able to cope better on this new journey.

“I can not climb this mountain for you but I can climb it with you.”