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This evening I was looking for something in the back of my wardrobe and I came across my children's baby boxes. My sons was first so I lifted it down and of course had a root around in it. It is amazing the things we keep and I wonder if my son will ever be bothered...

Music and Baby = Joy

If you had the pleasure of being at the Hawks Well Theatre, Sligo today, Sunday 10th January for the Baroque concert, well you were one of the lucky ones. We were delighted by Baroque music performed by Rod Alston on the harpsichord, Anna Huston on the cello and...

Leaving your baby for the first time

When I started to think about blogging I had all kind's of ideas in my head but where do I start, what would be my first blog ? I often think of parents and the anguish when they leave their little ones for the first time. Maybe their only a few weeks old and you're...


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