This morning a friend of mine sent me a funny story with an image about a little girl misspelling the word hero. She had written a message on the footpath for her mum who was a nurse returning from work. The message read “my mother is a hoer”. You get it, right? 

I passed it on to a good friend of mine who is an ICU nurse who I know is a “HERO” every day. It then brought back a memory from decades ago when another little girl made a mix up. This time it was vocally not written. Here is how said story goes. 

I was food shopping with my friend and her little girl (she is all grown up now). My friend and I  were chatting away, picking up what we needed and putting it in our trolley’s as we went along. Her  little girl, about 3 at the time I think but I’m open to correction ( said girl is welcome to come forward and correct me) said “Mum, can we get gina cake” my friend turned, looked at her puzzled and said “What”?  With that her little girl said very loudly “Can we get vagina cake” . A woman beside us shot us all a shocking look, as my friend sushed her daughter, who might I add didn’t understand her error and kept going. Of course she was looking for Ginger cake ! We still laugh about that to this day.  

This has been a story we have told for years, almost 25 and it never gets old. Today I am thinking about all the funny things kids say that bring us back memories of a time gone by. Another that springs to mind is when a mum I was working with her son asked a question, she wasn’t really listening and just made that Mm-hum sound, you know the one. Her son replied, mammy is that a good Mm-hum or a bad Mm-hum? 

Kids are so funny and interpret things in their own way. They surprise us daily and make memories that last a lifetime. Today, have a think about funny things your little ones have said that will become memories for you. Maybe the next time you call your parents ask them about what you might have said as a child that your parents found funny. It will be something else to talk about in this time of little new or fun news.  

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