This evening I was looking for something in the back of my wardrobe and I came across my children’s baby boxes. My sons was first so I lifted it down and of course had a root around in it. It is amazing the things we keep and I wonder if my son will ever be bothered with these bits and pieces, he’s 20 now so maybe in years to come when he has his own children he will get a kick out of it.

Inside among other things was two small shoe boxes. One with his first pair of shoes and the other was filled with things like my pregnancy test to confirm he was there 🙂 my hospital card, our hospital bracelets, hair from his first haircut, first lost tooth, his hair brush and a few other bits. In the big box I came across his baby book, it was funny because I didn’t remember having baby books but obviously I did. I started reading through and it was amazing, memories came flooding back of things he had done as a little baby and wee boy. Some I had forgotten about like where and how he had taken his first steps and others I laughed at remembering, like the fact he hated food on his hands and would get all annoyed and want it washed off immediately.

One piece I had written when he was three months old really struck a chord with me. I wrote “ when you were born I was so happy, then I was so afraid because I thought I would lose you. I was afraid to love you too much, but that was not possible as I was already head over heals in love. You are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen and I love you very much” My wee man was in an incubator and was resuscitated some hours after his birth. He had some medical issues but thankfully all was well as time went on and he is a fine lad now almost 6 ft tall.

So what I want to say to you all is that, when you’re filling out your baby books, taking photos, putting away their first baby grow, toy, book, hair cut etc don’t let anyone tell you you’re daft. These are special memories and you and your children will enjoy them in years, even decades to come.

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